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Hello my name is Jerry L. Dupay, over the next couple of minutes I will teach  you how to evaluate the most ethical and fairest form of consumer products distribution in used today, the network marketing industry. This information will cover a three step process you should follow before you pursue a professional network marketing career.

Step one will explain how wealth is created. Wealth creation may seem like a mystery. But in reality it’s a simple formula just about anyone could follow to create a desire level of income on any budget. The video “What The Wealthy Buys On Payday” covers the basic foundation of the wealth creating formula.

The concept of network marketing is probably the most misunderstood profession on the planet. Step two addresses the negative perceptions that plague our industry. The Brilliant Compensation video professionally explains without the hype, what network marketing is and what it isn’t. You ‘ll  learn the advantages of network marketing and how to evaluate effectively a network marketing company.

In step three, I’ll  introduce you to a legitimate network marketing company. You’ll learn how the network marketing platform, a company’s products and compensation plan accommodates the wealth creating formula.

Upon completing these three steps,  you”ll have the opportunity to contact me your sponsor. I will address any concerns you may have about the network marketing industry and our company.  So scroll down to the bottom of this page and  click on the Face book or the instant access link to get started.


Why A Home Business!

These days, financial security has become a luxury and many people need to turn to a home based business to provide for different life events. Whatever the reason for money spinning, the benefits of a home based business can help you achieve the financial freedom you need or provide you with an ongoing income that in time may replace your full time job completely. Here we will look at some typical situations where a home based business will help just about anyone acheive their financial goals come to pass.

Pay for Your College Education Loan A college degree these days is essential and acquiring that degree will inevitably leave you with a lot of student debt. Even with a high paying career, it will take years to pay off the typical loan. To offset this consider starting a home based business during your college days that will bear fruit when you graduate or provide you with income throughout. There are many legitimate internet marketing business that will work in background for you, leaving you precious time to study. Alternatively, if you have a talent for writing or teaching you can offer part time tutoring or do some freelance writing. But if you desire to build a full time income the network marketing industry is definitely a better choice.

Build a Retirement Income On retirement, your source of income is invariably affected. Financial pension products have performed badly in recent years so before you receive your pension check, it is a good idea to have a home based business that can work for you up to retirement and then provide for you a quality lifestyle during retirement. It is a question of looking at home based business options available on line or using your personal talents to provide a service others need.

Pay for Your Children College Education Every parent knows the college fees are looming in the not to far distance and it is prudent to cater for this huge expense. Stay at home moms and dads have the scope to turn their talents to home based business niche areas such as starting small on E-Bay with children clothing, crafts and so on, building up over time into an E-Bay shop that can be worked on around family commitments. Another option is the multi-level marketing industry. The MLM industry is a viable option to earn life long income for people who like working as a team.

Build Your Dream Home For a dream to come true it takes hard work. For this type of project, money spinning every penny is vital. Online home based business ideas, garage sales, part time and seasonal second jobs and a commitment to saving are necessary traits for the self builder.

Paying for Your Summer Vacation For a fun project like this with a deadline, the whole family can get involved even the little kids who can run their own lemonade and cookie stands. Online opportunities are ideal and finding the right home based online business will leave you with enough residual income for vacations for years to come!

Get Out of Debt This is a tough one always. Firstly, always tackle your debt with your eyes open. Seek financial counseling if necessary then look at opportunities for a home based business that can give you financial freedom. Many online entrepreneurs started their home based businesses to get out of debt. Look to your talents, work hard and you will succeed.

Pay for Your Medical Expenses Hefty medical expenses can make you despair. A home based business can be a brilliant back up to your income and can squirrel away in the background to earn you some income to pay the health insurance or pay your doctor’s bills. Find an online business that interests you, that is realistic and will give you returns.

Build Residual Income for Your Favorite Charity or Club A home based business is a brilliant way to raise funds for your charity or club. You can easily find an online business to suit you that is based around your charity, for example if you are raising money for an animal charity you can find an affiliate program for pet supplies and for a club, Little League maybe you can find sports gear programs. People are always willing to donate to good causes.

Replace Your Job Finally, a home based business can take over from employment and give you flexibility and freedom. Home based businesses enable you to keep your own schedule while enhancing work and family balance. Again, look to your talents, decide whether to go online or offline.

Thank you and enjoy

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